Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Traditions

By Corey Holt

Although Christmas is celebrated around the world different traditions are celebrated and you will find that even different families will have different ones. Families will often have their own Christmas costumes that are worn every year. Santa costumes are very popular and you can get different ones. You will be amazed at the different decorations and costumes you will see all over the world.

A great deal of the time it is the food which will change from country to country and this can be the type of dishes or the time it is eaten. Many people love the traditions that Christmas brings and they will do the same thing that their parents and grandparents did. This may involve family owned Christmas costumes as well as decorations and traditions. The same things will be used every year and lovingly shared with new family members.

In England, Christmas is often spent over the whole three days from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day and fathers all over the country will get out their Santa costumes. This is a very old tradition of ensuring that the children in the house get their presents placed at the end of their beds. On Boxing Day a small token of appreciation would be given to the postman and milkman for their work throughout the year.

Families will gather on this day to spend it relaxing and playing games and often go for long walks to help burn off all of the food. In some countries the traditions of Christmas go on for a lot longer on either side of the actual Christmas day. In Mexico the celebrations begin on the 16th of December with lively processions and Christmas costumes. In Brazil there are many different Christmas plays and stories and their traditions are very old.

Although these are very traditional Christmases spent with family, the Santa costumes are still as popular. The weather in these hotter countries will often determine that the traditional dinner is served late in the day or eaten outside. In many countries the traditional dinner is eaten on Christmas Eve as it is cooler. The children are then sent to bed and the Santa costumes are worn to bring their presents.

Christmas is a fantastic time to remember your friends and family and share and give presents to one another. You will find that there will be many different parties and events happening at this time of year which will enable you to get your Christmas costumes out. You should be out enjoying the festivities and finishing the year off on a fantastic note. For many it is a time when families come together and spend quality time together.

Wherever you are in the world, Christmas is very special and allows people to enjoy good food, wine and company while having fun. All of the family can dress up in their Christmas costumes and have a party. No matter how old you are, there will be traditions that you love and ones that you remember from your childhood. These traditions allow you to build a great base for future Christmases and enable you to share them with your children.

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