Monday, December 6, 2010

Improve Piano Learning Speed for Beginners

By Mike Carlson

Whenever people go to learn the piano the first time, there are a lot of problems because getting it down can be rigorous and is full of pitfalls. Practicing every day can be a burden for many. So remain collective and stable if you desire piano playing skills because it isn't all roses! Fortunately, the beneficial aspect is you can take off a lot of the burden with a few easy changes. These are my best tips and tricks for a starting pianist.

First of all, get yourself an excellent teacher. You can find many teachers all over your area that will instruct you and coach you personally. They could be a grad student looking to make some money or a teacher who works full time. Either way, find someone with some talent and give them some work helping you take your talent up to the next level. You will not be very good without a good tutor at your side!

Next of all, insure that your entire lesson plan is well structured. Everyone should learn the same simple, memorable songs when at the very beginning and must include some scales and chords as well. Don't forget about learning your scale and chord work! These are the basis of good piano playing and great pianists know these bits of music very well. Maintain these and focus on it daily.

In addition, make sure you are practicing daily. Even if it is only for 20 minutes, every day practice will make a world of difference. Your brain tends to forget data it isn't actively needing. Make it need to maintain the information it has on piano playing. To make this work, do a little scale work and one or two pieces of music each day and the change will be very noticeable.

Piano mastery shouldn't be annoying and tough through the entire process. Keep in mind, music is really about entertainment! Too many players let this thought slip when trying to learn because the instrument is very tough. If you maintain these skills, you can make it a lot easier than you ever expected. Just remember to have a good teacher, follow the right lessons and keep a daily practice schedule. The rest will be simple and easy!

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