Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre IPO Investing - How To Find IPO's - Know What To Look For In A Good Transaction

By James Scott

Investing in an IPO traditionally offers higher yields and a Pre IPO can offer 200%+ returns if the structure is solid. By structure I am referring to founders, C Level executives, board of directors, compliance legal team, pipeline contracts, overall profitability and dilution in the float (just to name a few items). Finding the right transaction takes more than just some advice from your broker, though their efforts may be pure in intent, they are, for the most part, unqualified to advise on such investment actions.

Unless your investment adviser is a strategies and structuring consultant with a ton of experience in globalization, they may be licensed to sell you securities but they are not qualified to strip an opportunity to the bone and reconstruct it looking for errors or chinks in the armor to justify a solid transaction or a pump and dump pipe dream.

Most brokers make a tremendous effort to evolve out of the burnout genre of pitching and selling stock and more toward mergers and acquisitions where the real money is. Part of M & A is merging private companies into public entities, restructuring the company, stock and management and then turning out the entity with a new symbol and price and pounding the pavement with multiple genres of IR simultaneously. Selling shareholders who invested in the Pre IPO phase of the company will create the float and make the quickest returns with minimal risk as they will typically buy their shares at a deep discount to the retail price. Next, with a controlled incline of the stock price the investors who buy at the road show outings will make nice chunks of change and may receive some type of warrants.

Using online mechanisms for stock promotion such as social media, webinars, opt in email, banners and other white hat processes will assist with daily volume. Phone room buzz generation materialized by phone rooms calling around and introducing the company and it's stock symbol to investors and market makers allows for eyes to be focused on the company and in return will result in both short term and long term investors. Then you have the road show which are also referred to as 'round table' meetings. I'm not talking about the free suppers in Manhattan for free loaders and wannabe's; I mean a targeted audience of 15 to 20 tops, investors who are ready to listen, ask questions and buy.

If you are considering investing in a Pre IPO, make sure that the company has a clear cut plan for all the above promotion. If the company structure is sound and the promotional element is there, chances are it's a safe bet for the short term. Legislative contacts, globalization, board member alliance facilitation and a professional C level staff will be the critical factor to take the company toward long term success. Before making an investment of any kind consult a licensed professional.

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