Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How is Your Man's Flip Flops?

By Green Jane

Take a look down. Look at your feet. What are you wearing? Chances are you're wearing some beat-up sneakers or some tired looking sandals. Men, time to spruce up your footwear with some flip flops.

Flip flops for men that will have your feet feeling comfortable, squishy and looking good. Available in multiple colors and designed to stay odor-free, Feelgoodz flip flops for men are your ticket to good looking feet. Say good-bye to your sneakers and hello to your flip flops.

What makes these men's flip flops so great? Well, it all goes back to Kyle Berner, the founder of Feelgoodz, and his time living in Thailand. After multiple days of touring Thailand, soaking up the culture, the people, and the philosophy of the country, Kyle Berner decided he wanted to give back to the people of Thailand. Enter flip flops for men. Everywhere Kyle looked there were people walking around in these brightly colored and natural flip flops.

Kyle recalls his excitement at discovering this wonderful footwear. "I'll never forget the moment. It was late-December 2007, and I was walking around the local markets shopping for a new pair of flip flops. After exhausting some time in this one large market, I came across this display of flip-flops that were marketed as "Thailand's most comfortable, all-natural rubber flip-flop. I tried a pair on, and that was it. Light bulb!"

Thailand is the world's leading exporter of natural rubber. Our supplier claims that every Thai person has at least one pair. That's a lot of flip flops. Because of this vast natural rubber supply, there is outstanding quality at great value. And I found the most comfortable flip flop in the world."

Thinking of this great idea, Kyle realized that he needed to import these sustainable, environmentally friendly flip flops to America. Thinking maybe that bringing a bit of Thailand home with him, we'd all be able to relax and really just start to take things easy. Men looking to take a load off their feet finally have the perfect answer: Feelgoodz flip flops. Look good and stay relaxed with flip flops for men.

Not only were these flip flops for men made in a sustainable factory, eco-friendly and 100 per cent natural, they're also recyclable! That's right when you're done with your flip-flops, cut them up and put them in your garden or compost bin. Yes, they are 100 per cent biodegradable.

Amazing isn't it that there are flip flops that look good, are good for the environment and that are created with one thing mind: taking life easy and feeling good. Put those smelly sneakers in the trash and get yourself some Feelgoodz flip flops for men. Why not buy two pairs - your feet will be happy and you'll have a big smile on your face. All thanks to flip flops for men.

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