Saturday, January 1, 2011

What to Do When Employers Do not Call Back

By Melvin Stewart

They promised that they would give you a call after your job interview. In your heart, you know that you are qualified for the position. You expect that they are already going to make arrangements with you, but they didn't. This is a exhausting experience for every applicant and it is a poor reflection of any company. The sad truth about this circumstance is that it happens more often than you think.

Cheryl was happy with her interview on Tuesday. She knew that she did very well with the interview. She even thought that it was just appropriate to send a thank you letter. The company representative told her that the results of her interview will come out by the end of the week, but it's already Friday-- and she still did not receive any calls. By this time, she is already having doubts if she would even receive any. She started asking herself, Is it okay for me to call and ask about my interview? Or should I just wait over the weekend?

Cheryl realized that she should talk to her cousin Gloria, who is a HR manager. Her cousin told her that it is all right to ask the company about her job application but she should inquire on Tuesday. Gloria specifically told Cheryl not to make follow up calls during Mondays because it is always poor timing.

The following Tuesday, Cheryl prepared herself to make the call. She had written a script of her inquiry to make her sound self-assured. She also practiced to make sure that she would sound just right. She dialed and heard a voice mail. Her message went like this:

"I'm Cheryl Jones. We met last Tuesday when I came for the job interview. I just want to follow up the condition of my application and I am thinking if you still believe that I am suited for the job. I will be pleased if you try to reach me today. My telephone number is 333-999-8888. Thank you for this time."

It is fair to call a company if they do not contact you after a job interview. Just be sure to prepare yourself when you inquire. Be respectful when you speak and reflect an image of professionalism. Explain that you find their company as the best choice for you that is why you need to receive a feedback about you application. Try calling them up to three times. If you still do not get any feedback, take it as a rejection. It will be irritating for them if you still inquire afterwards.

If you get a chance to talk to a real person when you call, make the best out of this opportunity to inquire about your pending application. Sometimes the person who will talk to you will offer you sound advice. Appreciate this instance and thank the person because this seldom happens. Find a lesson to learn from this event.

Employers understand the candidate's curiosity about their application results, that is why most of them wait for the right timing to announce the results. The bad news is that there are employers who like to leave candidates hanging. You should think about this possibility before engaging your application. Make the most of your time waiting by looking for other opportunities.

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