Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tower 200 Gym

By John Salmons

The Tower Door gym is a new Body By Jake workout machine. I really have to say that it truly is a good equipment for getting into shape if utilized the correct way. It can quickly mount to any normal door within your house or at work.

It is called the Tower 200 since it has 200 pounds of resistance as well as providing you with 200 different types of workouts. Having 200 unique exercises to complete gives you numerous options to keep your body fit.

One of the key concept regarding the Tower 200 is to present you with a fast 11 minute exercise routine because a whole lot of people do not have a lot of free time. Should you be some one that always make an excuse about how working out uses a lot of time, there is no more excuses.

The Tower 200 is exceedingly quick to mount on the door due to the fact that there is absolutely no assembly needed by you. All the things is already attached whenever you take it outside of the box. To install, you just have to hook the top portion of the unit on the top of a door you want. Afterwords you slide the piece on the bottom under the door. It's easy and literally takes just a couple seconds to have it up and running.

The design of the product is solid and durable and it won't damage your doors. It contains a metal casing for extra sturdiness as well as safety. Through the Tower 200 it's possible to train with 200 lbs of progressive resistance. It doesn't make that much noise, so it is great for exercising while listening to your preferred songs.

Of course, you won't be stuck with solely 200 lbs of resistance because there are 3 resistance bands which you combine for different resistance weights. These bands are all color coded to make things simple. The red one is 40 lbs of resistance, the black band has 35 pounds, and the gray one is 25 pounds.

The Tower 200 is great for rookies or those more advanced too. You will discover exercise routines for starters and for those in bad shape. For anybody who is a veteran bodybuilder then there are a few good routines too when you do not have enough time to visit the local gym.

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