Saturday, January 1, 2011

About Aromatherapy Massage With Essential Oils For Pleasure And Healing

By Erin Gomez

Aromatherapy massage with essential oils is very popular today, as clinical researchers have confirmed what herbalists have maintained for centuries - that the essential goodness found in plants is good for what ails us. Both people and animals respond to this form of therapy.

Aromatherapy is based on the ancient theory that certain fragrances, and the compounds in the essential plants that carry them, have properties that can influence emotional and mental health, which in turn has an effect on physical well-being. Herbs are vitamin and mineral rich plants that have been used for centuries for their healing powers, and the extracts distilled from them are believed to concentrate the health benefits.

Modern science has sought to corroborate or debunk these theories. Research reveals that essential oils are not simple substances. Some, like rose oil, have been shown to be made up of hundreds of compounds. It is not clear which particular parts of a herbal extract do what, so it is generally believed to be wise to use natural, undiluted, and unprocessed oils, which are as varied as the plants they come from.

Fragrant oil is used to calm and excite, to soothe and to energize, to increase alertness and to promote sleep, to purify and cleanse and disinfect. Experts in the field of aromatherapy blend various extracts to achieve the effect they need, while they study the vital properties of many plants.

Plants are not simple. Although research has shown that treatments with fragrances has very real benefits, the process is not understood. Because plant extracts are very complex, it is best to use pure, unprocessed products from companies who know how to preserve the integrity of their materials. Finding natural and even organic items is easy today, when the perfection of nature itself is recognized.

Therapists know that a relaxing session is made more so with the scent of lavender, that mints help cleanse and rejuvenate, that chamomile promotes rest and is great for the skin. Aromas can add to the ambiance just as do the carefully chosen music, the subdued lighting, and the comfortable table. Massage is an age-old form of non-invasive therapy, and so is the use of fragrances. It makes sense to combine these two arts in any holistic approach to well-being. Just as human touch has its peculiar magic, so do the plants that share our world. Even conventional western medicine has come to value the contributions of these ancient techniques.

Check online for a wealth of information on the benefits of adding aromatherapy to any massage experience. It is usually combined with Swedish techniques, and the essential substances are added to carrier oils, of which there are many. Choosing pure and organically grown products is a good idea, since they will be rubbed into your skin and inhaled into your lungs. You may buy your own brand of oil if you have a therapist whose work you like but who does not use organic rubs. You can even blend your own, which is time consuming and painstaking but rewarding.

It is easy to find aromatherapy massage with essential oils in your area, so go ahead and treat yourself to an amazing experience.

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