Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well Planned Weddings Are Stress Free

By Byron Jonas

The mood of the wedding day is dependant on many things. However, pre-planning weddings with all possibilities covered can minimize stress and result in a smooth flowing function. Time and energy spent on the initial coordination of the function will be worth the effort to ensure a very happy day.

There are decisions that can be made by the bridge and groom and some aspects need the input of the parents of the couple. Therefore, it is valuable time spent in having round table discussions and brainstorming. Normally the type of ceremony will be decided by the couple. However, parental input may be sought in the area of the reception and the number of guests.

The major factor is of course the finances. Some couples are lucky that the parents will help with the cost of the event and this takes a lot of pressure off the couple. Once the limit is set, it is matter of working within the budget.

One easy way to avoid the stress of planning is of course to hire the professional. The wedding planner will take over all the routine work associated with arranging the event. He or she will talk to the couple every step of the way and follow their instructions in coordinating the function.

If a professional is not on the budget, then it is a matter of getting together with family members who are willing to help and setting out the plan of action to involve them in undertaking specific tasks. They can help arrange a part of the event and be responsible for that part of the function on the day. This means that the couple do not have to worry about every little thing associated with the wedding.

When family members and or friends are helping with the function, then communication is very important. A well documented plan of action will let everyone know what they have to do and what their responsibilities are. Well planned and coordinated weddings help to make the day stress free for everyone.

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