Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The At Home Experience Of Using Movie Downloads

By Carlos Vargas

Most brick and mortar video stores are closing down. This is because they are no longer able to compete with the ease and pricing of Movie Download Sites. There are movie box machines that offer one dollar rentals, but those can cause problems if the movie is lost. Pay per view can get to be really expensive. There are movie plans that send you movies through the mail but those can be a hassle also.

There are now several websites that offer different methods to view movies. The free sites offer hundreds of movies. The selections might not have the latest releases but do have some excellent choices. These movie libraries are a great option for free movies.

If the plan is to watch these movies at the computer then consider the equipment. If streaming movies or downloading them then a high speed connection is needed. Processor speed is also a very important factor. With a slow processor movies will stutter and pause too often while trying to buffer the data. Downloading movies requires a lot of spare storage space. If the plan is to burn a copy to a disc then even more space will be needed. Getting an external hard drive is a good idea for storing a collection of movies without affecting system storage or performance.

Sound is often times over looked when making a home theater system. Select a system that has both surround sound and a sub woofer. There are online documents to assist in creating a home theater system. Speaker placement can be a fine art and these documents can offer suggestions to optimize the sound output.

Remember when CD burning became popular? That technology has also been added so that DVDs can be burned, as well as Blu-ray discs. DVD burning has been around for awhile so DVD burners are relatively inexpensive. With Blu-ray being the new best technology for movie viewing, those burners are still pretty expensive, but as time passes will begin to get cheaper. The quality on a Blu-ray is comparable to watching it in a theater, giving everything more depth and detail. Think of it as HD for DVDs.

Some websites allow movie downloading for burning onto a DVD or Blu-ray. Some of these sites are pay services. Some will have a built in program for burning the movie to a DVD or Blu-ray disc. If this is no an option then burning software will be needed. Many programs are available that can be found across the internet.

Many mobile services also offer movies for download directly to the phone. This of course means you will have to have a phone that supports this type of media. It is a good idea to make sure you subscribe to a good data plan as well, as many providers charge per kilobyte downloaded, as well as using minutes for internet usage. This may be something you need to monitor closely on teens and kids phones. There are also movies available for download onto portable MP3 players as well. These movies are usually formatted specifically for mobile devices, and don't have the detail that a Blu-ray or DVD does.

Always beware of copyright infringement on Movie Download Sites. Make sure you are using a reputable site and aren't breaking the law. With technology advancing rapidly everyday, these sites are becoming the most cost effective way to watch movies in today's economy.

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