Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What It Takes To Be A Good Event Photographer

By Troy Chin

Event photography is a rewarding occupation, both creatively as well as financially. Covering live events by taking attractive pictures is what the work is all about. It allows you to rope in all your creative instincts to project the event in all its grandeur and cheerfulness. This way, an event photographer is successful in creating memories with the aid of pictures that can be treasured forever.

Most people believe that event photographers just reach the venue of an event and start shooting. While this may be the case of some amateur event photographer whose services cannot be relied upon, a real expert has to in fact offer a lot in terms of his services. As a professional event photographer, you first need to comprehend the nature and the mood of the event before actually covering it. It is of utmost importance to capture the essence and spirit of the event. For instance, the nature of photography for a marriage ceremony is not similar to that of a business meet or a sports event.

As an event photographer, you also need to have good knowledge of your camera, along with knowledge about the latest digital processing technology. You must specifically be conscious of different lenses, and be able to make a proper selection based on the kind of event and the venue. The camera and other photography equipments have to be put in the right mode particularly keeping in mind whether the event is indoor or out in the open, and the time when it will take place.

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the lighting at the site of the event. The aperture settings are decided on the basis of the intensity of light that is available at the venue. Whether you need additional flash light or not will also depend on this aspect. In addition, you constantly have to be on your feet and display the greatest level of alertness to click all the crucial pictures with great meticulousness.

To acquire proper insight into the world of photography, it would be wise to consider books and expert courses on the subject. You should familiarize yourself with the different aspects of event photography before you start taking up work because this way you will increase your chances of repeat projects through client recommendations if the work is good.

Last but not the least, you must have fervour for your profession if you desire to achieve any success in this business. Displaying flexibility, alertness and the readiness to adapt to any type of scenario will take you a long way as an event photographer.

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