Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Easy Approach For Making Cash From Your Camera

By Alan V. Kemp

You might want to consider using digital photography to make some extra money. Digital photography is a hobby that is becoming more and more popular, as most people today have a digital camera in their home. If you just have a little bit of creativity digital photography can turn into a money making business. There are a great many ways you can put that camera to work to generate an income. All you really need to be successful is drive and dedication to get work done, as well as a little bit of salesmanship.

Odds are that you already own the equipment needed to begin, if you already enjoy digital photography as a hobby. You will need a digital camera, ideally with features equivalent to an SLR film camera, a tripod or two for certain picture-taking occasions and a printer capable of printing excellent quality photographs, or a printing service.

Digital photo editing software is also a must have. The best known applications include Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Corel Paint Shop Pro X

Investing a few hundred dollars in marketing materials will get you off to a good start.

Before we move on, this is a good time to clear up one misconception. It is not impossible to make a good income from your photography, as many people think. Naysayers refer to the fact that pretty much everybody has a digital camera at their disposal, or at least one on their phone. People often wonder why anyone would purchase photos when they could simply take their own photographs.

You can do it this way. Sure, almost everybody has a digital camera or film camera of one kind or another. However, how many people can really use them?

You might want to take a look at how many pictures individuals take. Be honest with yourself. There is more to photography that point and shoot. There are usually motion blur pictures from holding the camera the wrong way. Bad color too. Awkwardly positioned objects. No or poor composition skills. Dark shadows obscuring a subject's face. Even if these people understood how to use digital photo editing software properly, many of their pictures are beyond help. After all, there is only so much any software can do when working with a bad photo.

And what do you suppose happens when these people try to print their photos? Undoubtedly, you have seen some of these images. The prints are horrendous when it comes to resolution. This happens when the photographer had no idea how to adjust the camera settings to produce printable photos.

This is excellent news for you. If you excellent digital photography skills then you will be easily able to show new customers a few samples that you have taken.

Are you still apprehensive? Let me tell you about a birthday party I attended recently. The host paid an amateur photograph who wanted to start their own business just like you.

Just about all of the party guests had their own cameras, but most of them were enjoying the party too much to snap many shots. Those of us who did take snapshots were poorly positioned and usually couldn't get a good view of the scene.

The photographer received payment for her services. She then uploaded the pictures to her own website. Party-goers received the link by email. Guests could then download, print, or save to disk any photos they wanted.

The photograph did not even have to print or develop the photos and they were paid for their services as well.

Pretty awesome, huh?

You can do this too. All you need to do is make a marketing plan and develop your picture taking skills and say cheese!

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  1. thats cool i might want to do that. i have most everything already