Monday, October 18, 2010

After 30 Years, The Story Of Tron Is Finally Continued By Tron Legacy

By Selene R. Singleton

After nearly 30 years of waiting, movie makers are finally about to release Tron Legacy, the long awaited sequel to the great 1982 film Tron. Rumors were around during the late 1990's that a sequel was in the works due to the lasting popularity of the original. These rumors never turned into anything, frustrating many hopeful moviegoers. That was until the 2008 San Francisco Comic-Con when Disney officials at long last confirmed that the studio was seriously working on the second installment.

The central character of Tron Legacy is Sam Flynn whose father Kevin Flynn was the star character in Tron. While Sam investigates the disappearance of his father and tries to locate him, he is accidentally pulled into the virtual world where his father has been stuck for all these years and the two must fight to escape.

News about the project first got to the pubic when it was announced that Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman were being hired by Disney specifically to write a sequel to Tron; at this point the project did not yet have a final title. The 2008 Comic-Con trailer was evidence that Disney had chosen to continue working on the Tron Legacy project. Then, in 2009 at Comic Con, Disney announced the project's official title, Tron Legacy, to the audience. Film makers said the name is related to the theme of a son looking for his father.

The first Tron film was beloved for many reasons, possibly most of all the Light Cycles featured in the movie; they are back and have been redesigned for Tron Legacy. A two seat Light Runner was also developed by Daniel Simon and his design staff. Disney even made life size Light Cycles as part of its marketing scheme and showed them off at the Fan Expo in Toronto in 2009.

Shooting for Tron Legacy kicked off in April 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia. All of the stage shots for the movie were done at the Canadian Motion Picture Park. The producers were determined to make this a 3D film, so they used 3D cameras at every stage of the movie making process. A soundtrack for the film including 24 different tracks was put together by Daft Punk. Tron Legacy is scheduled to be shown on December 17, 2010 in the US and Canada.

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