Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement And It's Options

By James Keyes

Apple's MacBook Pro computers have a battery that is supposedly non removable. Although the unibody design will keeps the cost of the product and help to keep the MacBook Pros small in size, it also does away with the ability to rapidly replace the battery. The fact is that Apple says the battery isn't removable at all unless the do the replacing. This is totally untrue. Either you can have Apple replace the battery or you can have a repair shop replace the battery or you can replace the battery yourself. Having Apple replace it is the most expensive (unless it is under warranty) and replacing it your self is the least expensive.

The MacBook Pro battery is removable. Although, it requires access to the bottom chassis, the battery is actually not hard to remove or to replace. The battery is secured in three places on the inside the MacBook Pro's case. However, users can definitely replace the battery by themselves but it will probably void the warranty.

Here is all that you have to do to replace a MacBook Pro battery.

The first step that you need to do in order to replace your MacBook Pro battery is to identify the size of the laptop computer that you have. The 13" and the 15" models have a common battery design while the 17" laptop computer has its own on account of the larger screen and therefore the requirement for additional power.

Next, you will have to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple Online, or an Apple retail store to get a replacement for your MacBook Pro battery. The 13" and 15" batteries both cost the same $129 plus tax and the 17" battery is $179 plus tax. These prices both include the cost of installation.

It will depend on where you have the battery replace in the MacBook, but you will either need to take it to the Apple store or send it in via mail. The advantage of the Apple store is that they will replace the battery the same day. The option to mail the battery in usually takes somewhere between 3 to 4 days after the battery is received. The turnaround times for authorized service providers varies.

If you decide to replace the battery yourself there are detailed instructions on the Internet on how to do so. Your only other option is to have a repair shop replace the battery.

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