Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cichlids Are The Most Exotic Choices For Your Fresh Water Aquarium

By Sharlene Williams

In maintaining a fish aquarium in a home or office can add a picturesque of beauty and elegance which can have very positive effects on people. You pretty much have two options to choose from either a fresh water or salt water tank. The fresh water option is much easier to maintain however, the selection of fish and coral is much more limited in comparison to the salt water option. However, if you plan to populate your aquarium with Cichlids then, you will have a greater selection than any other fresh water fish.

The South American Cichlids make up about 400 to 600 known species with 311 of them being scientifically described. These Cichlids are a very adaptable species allowing them to exist in a wide array of environments and ecologies. Most of the South American Cichlids are known to be carnivores but, some of them feed on planktons, mollusks and other plant materials. You can find Cichlids from 2.5 centimeters to the larger ones that can become as large as 65 centimeters.

It's the general consensus that Cichlids are difficult to handle however, this is far from the truth if you simply know what you're doing. Cichlids are generally very sensitive and improper PH levels along with feeding them the wrong foods can make them overly aggressive towards their fellow fish mates. Once you've learned what to feed your Cichlids and how often, you will have stress free Cichlids without any effort.

Because they can be very sensitive, in order to properly maintain Cichlids, you will need to know some important stats....What size aquariums is needed to allow them the freedom they need, the proper filters to use, cycling the aquarium, the correct water temperature, water testing, the best type of rocks and wood to use and how to prepare them, the best way to have life plants and how often to feed them.

Now, if you're planning on breeding them to, make sure you find the right resource to ensure you do it right. You will also need to become a skilled nurse by learning how to diagnose, treat and cure the most dangerous fish diseases. These suggestions are just some of the few ideas that you need to consider when starting a Cichlids fish aquarium.

In reference to African Cichlids, they are known for their beautiful patterns and array of colors that are not typical of other freshwater fish. They are simply fascinating to observe and will amaze you with their very friendly social behavior and the degree of intelligence they possess.

What's interesting, is that adult Jack Dempsey Cichlids select their mates via a process of chasing one another around the tank and lip locking... both of which are tests of their strength and health in selecting a potential mate. In your aquarium, it's best to have pairs of equal size because the males tend to be larger and more aggressive and can therefore do some serious damage to a female that is much smaller.

If you have chosen to go for the fresh water option, then, going with Cichlids fish is your best choice. They offer the greatest variety of color, shapes and sizes that will impress anyone who comes to visit. So, unleash your creativity and let your fish aquarium liven up your home or office and enjoy your Cichlids for a lifetime.

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