Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Week End Looking At Art In Cornwall

By Vera Smith

When I visited Cornwall for a sight seeing tour,on a short break holiday .I spent most of my time in St Ives.I enjoy the different noises ,sights and smells of a different country and even city.For example simply flying into Delhi,before the plane touches down,one is aware that very different surroundings await.This is because the aroma of spices fills the air,at the very least one knows one is in for an oriental experience.

The trains that links Cornwall not only to itself, but to the whole of Europe, seem very modern,well organized and they run on time. The best train network I have seen is the bullet train system in Japan. Not only is that very fast but the most punctual train service in the world. The Cornish train service took me to within 100 meters of my hotel.

Cornwall, of course is renown for art, style and fashion. I was, very interested in modern Cornish art , the current wave of artists seem to be pushing the limits of known and expected art,which really is what an artist should be prepared to do. I also had a great love of how the Cornish lived centuries ago, and one of my places to visit would be a museum, to explore their former life styles.

The museums were full of court costumes , gold thrones and elaborate carvings on the pine furniture once used by the Cornish aristocrats. The grand tables that were like royal farmhouse tables but they were of course fit for a king, to dine at. the colors were of course over the to by today's standard, but it is easy to see ,how a present day Cornish farmhouse table has certain elaborate requirements for the present day British people.

The bedrooms of the kings were laid out as they were then, sumptuous bed covering, long thick curtains, and very tall pine wardrobes again painted with reds and golds. Even today the Cornish keep their custom of painting furniture,a simple pine wardrobe in a Paris shop would always be painted. today though it would be in much softer colors.

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