Thursday, October 14, 2010

Voice Alert System-6 Guarantees All-Around Living Alone Protection

By Kathi D Horell

It was the lease of a lifetime: the annex of a Hollywood home, open to a single female only. In effect, I would be inhabiting a pricey piece of estate but for the main residence. The go-between, a good friend of mine, made me the offer without circulating it.

Unfortunately, I figured this jackpot out soon enough. The vacant residence, surrounded by a community of known personalities, had been marked by burglars that I was meant to ward off. Clearly, some form of living alone protection was called for.

I discovered the Voice Alert System-6 on the internet. In a matter of minutes, I could set it to keep 6 various zones in the property under surveillance. With a unique voice alarm per zone, I would know exactly where danger was coming from.

Composed of 6 motion-detecting wireless PIR (passive infrared) sensors is this gadget for living alone protection. A distinct announcing system, it includes transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit, with having additional sensors being an option.

The recording of voice alerts is done by me. If a sensor is stationed in the driveway, then via the speaker, "Car incoming!" can be blurted out. Another PIR might yell, "Backdoor invader!" in case it senses movement in the back patio.

Given multiple tailor-fit user-recorded messages provided by the Voice Alert System-6, living alone protection is sure to have extensive coverage. In addition, a floodlight will be set off from 4 of the 6 sensors by motion.

Capable of adjustable mounting and sensitivity, the wireless PIRs are weatherproof so they are excellent for use indoors and outdoors. Each can broadcast a signal whether as far as 300 feet through walls or within 1,000 feet in open space.

The Voice Alert System-6 equips me with complete living alone protection, which I would bet will not be expected by the thieves of Hollywood who are used to moneyed people's complicated warning systems.

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