Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meaning Of Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistants

By Ansu Stephen

Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who are trained to provide a variety of professional administrative skills like word processing, internet research to creating and maintaining popular blog sites and article submissions. They are also trained to provide managerial, creative, technical, clerical, website development/maintenance, business office and/or personal support services. Virtual Assistants have professional experience and are highly trained to deliver better results.

In short, a VA can do just about anything a regular employee can do. You just won't see his or her face every day and the way in which you send tasks to them will vary slightly. You (i.e. business owner, entrepreneur, etc.) pay only for the number of VA services used - only when needed - no down time. An employer who works with a VA has the distinct advantage of not having to deal with taxes, unemployment insurance, sick leave, vacation pay, or benefits. And they also enjoy the assistance of a professional without the headaches of hiring and managing employees.

Now instead of taking paper files into the next room or building, you can simply attach those files to an email and hit send. Your VAs will work on those files according to your instructions and return them via email. They will have good experience and better skills in managing and delivering tasks assigned to them.

A Virtual Assistant is a person running his own business, a trained administrative professional who can be your partner in your business success. He just does it remotely using technology instead of shared physical space. Today, virtual assistants communicate with customers by phone, fax, e-mail, overnight mail, instant messaging and web conferencing. By hiring a VA, the owner will be able to better manage his time and give their clients the personal touch they deserve.

They work with the same dedication like how you would work for your business. It's like your own shadow helping you to multiply your time which you always wanted to invest towards the growth of your business. This way you can concentrate more on your business needs and stop worrying about the paper work that needs to be done.

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