Friday, November 19, 2010

Be Safe With Your Dirt Bike Equipment

By Greg Pierce

"When I got up, it was a bright Sunday morning. The loud chirping of the birds and the incessant cock-a-doodle-do of the roosters woke me up. I supposed to be dilly-dallying in bed when a call came. I found out that it was our farm caretaker informing me that our pig is giving birth and he needs a veterinarian to do it. I immediately got out of bed and prepare myself for the bumpy ride going to the farm.

I was supposed to use the truck but it was having engine trouble so I am forced to use my DIRT BIKE which I as not able to use for quite sometime. My wife was trying to prevent me in using the bike however I insisted that it would be more convenient if I use it since the road going to the farm is rough and hilly. To no avail, though. So she just prepared my Dirt Bike equipment and gear. She demanded to let me wear my helmet. Rather than following her right away we argued for couple of time since I do not want to wear any Dirt Bike equipment since I considered it annoying.

I ended up wearing my gears, I picked up the vet and proceeded to the farm. Because my day already ruined, I decided not t go back home right away, rather I went to the nearby waterfalls to let my boiling emotion cool down. While I was on my way to the waterfalls I've noticed that the road is becoming more and more intolerable for a dirt bike to travel. The rocks are getting bigger just like a river running out of water. But I keep on going till I bumped on something real hard that make me lost my control, tossed me over in the air and BANG! I fell down a cliff with my dirt bike on top of me.

In an instant I thought it's the end of me, I can even picture out my wife's nagging at me with the gears. And everything went black. What met my blurry vision when I had my eyes opened was my teary eyed wife. She informed me about what happened. I was badly hurt, I fractured my hip bone and broke my ankle, got a lot of bruises and if not for the helmet that my wife demanded me to use I could have broken my head as well. I was thanking God for this and above all I was thanking my wife for making me wear my dirt bike equipment. I could have been 6 feet under if it wasn't for it. "

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