Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Play Like A God Along With Doodle Devil

By Roy Twizl

The concept of deity was always a thing that challenged the public, since the early days of time. Like many other intriguing concepts, the PC games world created various titles that dealt with this charming idea.

Even though, the first game that really challenged the gamer- Black & White, this title featured fantastic graphics ( for its time), fascinating concept and a very addictive game-play.

As you know flash developers tried creating many god games, like life ark, Aztec God and many other titles, But most had a feeling, when Doodle God appeared.

The graphics was pretty plain, the sound wasn't that striking, but once you started playing, you could not stop until you collected all 100 elements and completed the game.As you might guess, the expectations and demand for the next doodle game were pretty high, and eventually D day has arrived- Doodle god 2 (AKA Doodle Devil) is here!

So let's discuss Google Devil Game-play!While Doodle god focused on creating the world by using fundamental elements, Doodle Devil focuses on creating a more accurate world, some would say darker.

By mixing elements, we will meet many surprising elements that sadly surrounds our world, like death, war, sins and many others including demons, zombies and many fantasy dark elements.

The game-mechanics is similar to Doodle God- Choose your preferred element, then choose another one, and hope for the best.While some gamers might claim ( and are quite right) that Doodle Devil is exactly the same title As Doodle God title, for many of us that waited so long it's not a real con.

All in all, Doodle Devil offers many new elements, some of them are quite mirthful ( Human+Pride equals Politician for instance, or Politician+Pride equals war), and while facing a number of elements from the preceding game, Doodle Devil is still a very entertaining game, with a very exceptional game-play and easy learning curve.Also, when digging inside the game developer head, you might get some insights about what is good and bad in our earth, and every one loves a game with some upright and wise insights.

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