Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Crock Pot Lids is Essential in Slow Cooking

By Maureen Edmond

Crock pot lids are covers that go over a crock pot or slow cooker. You may be able to manage to cook a meal on your pot without a lid. Lids however, often make all the difference when it comes to ensuring excellent meal taste and texture.

Pots have different brands. That means each model also has a differently shaped lid. Depending on the model and manufacturer, lids can also be made of either transparent or solid colored materials. Despite the differences though, all lids have the same essential function. They sit on the groove of the pot insert where vapor condenses. Lids that fit well make sure that pressure and temperature are kept low. This is what makes slow cooking possible.

Lids should be handled with utmost care because it is usually the first parts to suffer. Lids can slip and break or handles can crack. Some crock pot owners try to improvise by using the lids of different pots or by covering the pot insert with tin foil. Broken handles can be replaced by cabinet knobs. In a lot of cases though, improvised replacements fit poorly. A badly chosen replacement can affect the quality of food cooked.

Original replacements are vital. Getting an original lid replacement that matches your pot is essential if you want to keep on enjoying excellent food. Though sometimes you still end up in picking the wrong lid. This can happen if you don't take careful note of your pot model.

You can shop in websites. The first sites you should check are sites of manufacturers of crock pot lids. The maker of your pot and lid is the first sensible authority to consult for a suitable replacement. Many brand manufacturers let you conveniently search and shop for a lid by letting you input the model of your pot. Search results provided include only the lids that will fit your particular model.

Manufacturers are not the only sources. Some pot models may already be out of circulation. The manufacturer of your pot brand may therefore no longer offer replacement parts. You may alternatively look for replacement lids in thrift shops, garage sales and auction sites. The only problem with this option though is that there is always a chance that you could end up with a lid with minor damages.

You can buy a new pot. This is sometimes a better option than buying a replacement lid. If your pot is so old that there are no more replacement lids available even in thrift stores, then you may have no other choice than to settle for a new pot. Even when your pot model is fairly new, buying a new unit may still make better sense. This is especially if shipping and handling costs are high.

Don't undervalue crock pot lids. Without the right lid on your pot, you will never be able to get the cooking results that you expect. To avoid having to scout for a replacement lid, make sure you take proper care of your pot lid.

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