Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Confront Your Webhost Soon

By Erin Richards

When you decide to go live with your website business or personal website, you have some decisions to make upfront. This is to choose where to host your site. Not only are there hundreds of web hosting companies offer their services at affordable prices, but there are also some that offer free hosting to their customers.

The first difference is the price. Webhosting that is free permits site owners to have their sites hosted at no expense to them. No fees are assessed for putting files onto a server. You can put your website online and the company will host it and over the course of your relationship, there will be no costs to you. A paid web hosting company is pretty self explanatory as well. You will pay a nominal fee to have the company provide hosting for your site.

One important aspect of webhosting you need to look is bandwidth. With a high bandwidth your site will load faster and users will be able to view movies, pictures or listen to music, at a much faster rate, as apposed to a site with low bandwidth, that will just feel sluggish.

How much space is required for a particular website is another key consideration, as you may wish to expand the site in the future, or at least retain the ability to do so. Free hosting services often restrict the amount of space your site may have, the amount of pages it can contain, or sometimes both.

Functionality and control of your website is probably one of the most important aspects when considering a web hosting solution. Another thing to consider is autonomy. You need to be able to do whatever you want to do with your website. You will likely be unable to use your own domain name with a free web hosting service. You have to use the internal or subdomain of the free company. You won't be able to just name your domain whatever you'd like.

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