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Building website traffic with Unique Article Wizard. The Review.

By Alex Whalley

If you are looking for Article Marketing Strategies and tips then let me save you the trouble. You use article marketing to get backlinks, and you need a lot of them to rank in the search engines. But this takes time, which is why you need the help of Unique Article Wizard. I have been using the services of the wizard for 6 months now, and this is my review.

What are the reasons behind me choosing Unique Article Wizard?

You should ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve with this product or service, in fact you should ask this of every thing that you use. Most marketers don't sadly. I am a niche site marketer and as such I rely on my sites sitting on the first page of Google in order to make money. For that I need backlinks, and lot of them - and this is where UAW comes in.

I use Unique Article Wizard to help get my niche sites ranked on the first page of Google. Obviously I will expand on this point but that is it in a nutshell. The idea of internet marketing is to get traffic to your site. Targeted traffic means keywords, and UAW gives you complete control over the whole thing, their user friendly interface producing consistent results every time

Disclaimer: I DO NOT use UAW by itself to get my sites ranked. UAW is a fantastic tool to use to automate the process of gaining hundreds of backlinks, but this is coupled with other marketing and link building efforts. I could never expect to achieve success with this business model by utilizing Unique Article Wizard exclusively.

How exactly does Unique Article Wizard work?

Providing the important function of automating your article marketing efforts, what UAW does is effectively build backlinks for you. The system works by taking your article, asking you to rewrite it two more times and then it takes these three articles, spins them into thousands and then auto submits them to blogs and directories around the web. See EXACTLY how it works by clicking Here

Where does this content go?

The articles are sent to various blog sites and articles directories, 100's in fact, but not the big ones like EzineArticles. The articles are also received by thousands of smaller niche sites and blogs that are actively running the UAW plug-in, but I'll get to that in a moment - because it's awesome!

A plug for a plugin for free content anyone?

Unique Article Wizard offers a free plug-in that allows you to receive free content to your blog or niche site. How it works is through your categories. If you have a category selected then you will receive articles tagged with the same name. UAW has been around for a long time and they are the foremost article marketing service available on the web today, as a result their 'plug-in' has proliferated the niche site marketing world creating thousands of sites that can potentially receive YOUR articles. Get the plugin HERE

The beauty of this system is that it means you get links from sites with a variety of authority and pagerank. Granted they will not all be Problogger, but they won't all be PR0 sites either. On that note - the Wizard has very strict guidelines re: who installs the plug-in so that only quality - non spammy sites will potentially receive your article.

A summary of the unique article wizard review

The only negative thing that I could possible say about Unique Article Wizard is the fear of building up back links too quickly. We know that this is something to avoid, but since UAW gives you the ability to control the rate at which your articles are submitted, I don't see how this is a concern in this instance.

So far I have managed to rank first for numerous long tail keywords using UAW alone and I am currently in the process of testing them with a very competitive key phrase. So far it's looking very promising indeed. See the attached video to see how easy the article submission process really is.

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