Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Web Hosting - Can It Be Used With A Successful Website

By Musa Aykac

If you want to launch your own website but are short of cash you might be wondering about the feasibility of using free web hosting - at least in the short term. You might be thinking that your website is going to be really successful and will soon start to turn over six figure sums. So would it be possible for your site to become this successful if you were using a free web hosting provider.

The free web hosting packages in question are not the ones the the government are providing to new small businesses but the packages that you see offered by companies on the web. In my opinion, these free options are never actually free. In fact free web hosting could cost you your chance of success -here's why.

If you do a search of all the top websites you will notice something; they all look cool. If you use free web hosting it is going to be almost impossible to make your website look professional. You might think that you could change your host once you start making more money but to actually build up your site, you will need it to look less amateurish. Expecting your website to become successful before investing money in it is really putting the cart before the horse - it isn't going to work.

In reality there has not been any top websites that were once hosted by a free web hosting company because this almost never happens. What you can offer to your visitors now is the most important thing - they don't care about your future plans.

Using a free web hosting provider for your first website might be of some benefit to you because at least it will help you to discover how things should be done and maybe you will learn from it. Just don't expect this website to hit the big time.

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