Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nutritious Thanksgiving Recipes

By Dr Kevin Johnston

Healthy Recipes on the eve of Thanksgiving...does this sound unusual as well as uninteresting?

When we think of all the oily and health hazards recipes for example stuffed turkey, full creamy sauce, the buttered mashed potatoes and also pumpkin pies, then the word healthy does not seems to be a perfect adjective to be used. So why not experiment with some unusual recipe which is nourishing and delicious too?

In my family, Thanksgiving Day is a very favorable day and we celebrate this particular day in a remarkable manner by welcoming our near and dear ones for the dinner. So for this Thanksgiving Day special, I have a few ideas. I love playing with different kinds of ingredients as well as flavors. Do not worry...nothing new I am going to do...just simple adjustments to the regular Thanksgiving recipes.

Here are given a few modifications which I did in the common Thanksgiving Day menu:

Turkey: turkey is considered to be a delicacy and could be the appealing dish of your holiday meal or some other celebration for example Thanksgiving Day. Turkey is a very lean animal which contains very less fat. But when you basted it in butter, it becomes high caloric and fatty food. So what Idid here, inspite of using butter, I basted the turkey with olive oil and then baked it. With this slight variation, my turkey came out extremely delicious plus healthy too.

Bread: normally we use white flour for making bread. But This time i chose to make with wheat flour and thus served the bread with baked turkey.

Good Gravy: you know gravy is one of the biggest culprits on the dinner table. I have used vegetable oil rather than turkey drippings when making the gravy. You can also make low-fat broth-based gravy or vegeterian gravy instead.

Dessert: dessert is the last but not the least course of the meal. Inspite of making pies and cheesecakeswhich are most often loaded with creams, nuts plus caramel, I thought of serving fresh cut fruits in a bowl.

Another variation I did in my Thanksgiving dinner menu is the usuage of leftover ham. I made Ham and Swiss Rosti. Rosti is actually a Swiss potato pancake which can be served as a side dish but I used the ham and change it into an easy as well as mouth-watering Thanksgiving dinner menu. You can really enjoy the dish with boiled asparagus as well as applesauce on the side.

This year it was comfortable for me to develop some variations in my Thanksgiving menu. I just experimented with some changes and it was a hit. Why don't you guys try and impress your family then?

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