Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Magic Of Russian Girls

By Lera Cupidonova

It is no secret that many men today have a fever for Russian girls. With their exotic looks and accent, enticing personalities, and femininity some people even say they are magic. They aren't really magic, though. Russian girls just have a unique history and culture that makes them who they are.

The secret of the exotic look is rooted in the fact that multiple races mixed in the early years of Russian history. It started when people of European, Asian, Caucasian, and Mongolian blood once lived and bred freely. All of these races lived in the territory that is now called Russia.

After the concept of separatism entered the minds of communities, the different races stopped blending. In the early years of the Soviet Union the ruling administration decided to change this. They required that university graduates from the south go to the north, and vice versa, while graduates in the west go to the east, and vice versa again.

This policy furthered the goals of the communist party by ensuring that no one person would stand out from the crowd. What it also did, is ensure that Russian girls were made as exotic as possible. This mixture of the different races is why Russian women have such high cheekbones, dark luscious lips, long flowing hair, and round faces.

Russian women like to make themselves look good. They like to wear very nice, fancy clothes with a lot of sparkle and shine. They also make themselves up with lots of jewelry, make-up, and accessories. Younger Russian girls like to go out to clubs and dance. They are fun loving but also traditional.

Russian women enjoy being queens of their home. They clean up, they cook meals, they take care of children, and they do anything they can to make you happy. They make wonderful homemakers, and love a traditional family life.

This femininity should not be mistaken for weakness. Russian women, despite their embracing of domestic responsibilities, are very capable and independent. Most of them are well educated and enjoy working. A Russian girl knows that her weakness is actually strength, as it allows her man to feel strong. Russian couples take care of each other equally in different ways.

Russian girls can also be incredibly emotional. They can get very upset and temperamental, and they do not hold anything back. It Russia, it is believed that holding in emotions will shorten your life. This is why they let everything out. But they do not hold a grudge. If they are angry one minute, they can be laughing the next.

Russian girls make good mothers, loving wives, and caring partners. They're unique and, some would say, magical. Their good nature, their natural beauty, and their strong but submissive personalities make Russian girls a popular favorite.

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