Saturday, November 27, 2010

When Searching For Hunting Knives

By Walter Francis

Hunting knives are important tools for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast. They serve many purposes and there are several different kinds, in which to choose. What you decide to buy will depend on your situation and preferences. Here are two basic, but important decisions you may face, when buying a good knife.


If you want a cheap tool for outdoor use, then buy an inexpensive one. However, a quality tool will cost a great deal more. Materials for good tools can sometimes be expensive, and if you do not get a knife with quality steel, it will not hold an edge. Not only that, you do not want something to fall apart after a few uses. It is best to consider something with a bone handle or other durable substance.

Fixed or Folding Blades

You will need to decide if you want to buy a fixed blade or a folding blade model. Fixed blade models tend to be stronger than their folding blade counterparts, as there are no moving parts. It is important to have a very strong tool for preparing game.

Do not forget the sheath. Quality tools may come with a quality sheath, but make sure. A good sheath should fit easily onto your belt and be easy to access. If you buy a sheath separately, make sure it is leather and of high grade construction.

Folding blade models may be very good for the occasional hunter, but not for someone that is serious about it. A folding blade design is very good for storing in toolboxes and pockets. They are very good utility tools, and should be used in that manner.

Final Thoughts

If you spend a lot of time out of doors, you may have the need for good tools. When shopping for hunting knives, get one with quality steel that is well-made. Do not expect your selection to be inexpensive, either. If you want something that is very strong, choose a fixed blade design and do not forget to select a quality sheath, too.

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