Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review: Vampire Mystery

By Todd Rutherford

A suspense thriller that has depth! Risen fits the bill with a certain chill of anticipation, a palpable fear of what comes next. With characters that stir empathy from the reader, this book is a page-turner from the very first line.

The way Ms. Lawrence's characters are inexorably connected is thought provoking and incredibly enticing. Page by page, and paragraph by paragraph, the plot thickens cleverly as horror awaits, and the author expertly employs all the elements of suspense throughout. Ms. Lawrence combines mischief, infidelity, terror, and tension to craft a gripping story with character personalities that are fully developed. With an eternal blood-sucking creature, an intuitively connected young girl, FBI agents, and adulterous cops, her characters come alive. Lovers of vampires, as well as those who enjoy a good mystery will be all the more satisfied with this read.

Stirred to write at a young age, it wasn't until Ms. Lawrence reached her thirties that she rekindled her passion for writing, and Risen came to flourish. Watching a young man walk past her window one day, a sudden idea manifested-her esteemed lead vampire, Francis Barclay, was born. Calling upon her experience working with law enforcement, Ms. Lawrence has infused her fictional tale with an intriguing touch of true crime.

Ms. Lawrence was a radio announcer and copywriter, and later hosted a successful talk show in Las Vegas in the 1980s, and has been a professional voice-over artist ever since. Now with Risen to her credit, this multi-talented individual delivers a tale her readers will never forget. Risen is available as a 356 page hardcover for $27.95 and a Kindle book for $2.99. The book's ISBN is 978-1935670063. Risen can be ordered at and almost everwhere books are sold. I highly recommend it.

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