Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Make Money From Home

By Scott Cyrus

It was summer going into my senior year that I truly did some soul searching. I had to choose the direction of my life as a man and where I was going. I needed a way to make some money first and foremost.

That summer day, my dad came to me with a print out, about google paying people something like $5000 a month. I did some research, and that turned out to be a fraud company calling themselves google and constantly getting shut down. However I did find a way to make money online and it was google adsense. Through blogger, I was able to start racking up some change with my google adsense.

All that Google Adsense is, is really a google paying you each and every time an individual clicks and advertisement on your blog by means of the google content network. It's entirely totally free and whilst it was cool, it just wasn't producing sufficient. I made some thing like $120 in a couple of months or so. I then dived into analysis to look for a far better way.

I then began to make money online with my especially personal home business. It's referred to as affiliate marketing, when a corporation pays you for referring other people to them. Mainly because I personal a internet site in my name, It's legally a home business. I am now making a full income online working from home. What started out as just google adsense along with a print out that my dad showed me, became a complete home business, and I'm still making some change on the side with google adsense.

It has truly been a blessing to me and my family to be able to make a full income online just working from home. Everyday I thank the one and only God for guiding me to success and helping me achieve my dreams. However my home business is only the beginning for me, I'm going to grab a much bigger star then just "making money online working from home." I'm going to be Champion of the world.

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