Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review: 101 Factors You Should Know Before Going to the Dentist

By Todd Rutherford

"Once you find the right dentist, the right dental office with the right attitude, and the right fit for you, going to the dentist will be as pleasurable as going to your salon, your spa, your coffee house, or your favorite restaurant," says Dr. Haque, and for once I agree with the dentist.

Clear and efficient in his delivery, Umar Haque fully reveals to his readers anything and everything you need to know about your oral health and the important features in choosing the right dentist for you. He reminds his readers how dental health has a huge correlation to your systemic wellness, and overall appearance. He also provides a route through which to acquire your ultimate dental goals that fit within your budget.

Ten chapters of pertinent information, Haque's 101 Factors You Should Know Before Going to the Dentist, couldn't be any better. There is no book currently available that explains, in an easy and concise manor, the how to's and what to's of opting for the right dentist. Haque's book empowers readers to make up their own minds on the importance of their dental health.

Umar Haque is a Doctor of Dental Medicine, DADIA, FICOI. He was graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dentist Medicine and completed his dental residency at the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago. He has completed post graduate training in implant surgery, laser dentistry, bone grafting, mild sedation, sleep apnea appliances, TMJ dysfunction, and minimal orthodontics. Haque founded the Passion 4 Dentistry Study Club, where over 30 doctors meet to discuss and collaborate on challenging dental cases, comprehensive dentistry, and implant surgery.

Haque believes in a holistic strategy to dentistry, and at his office, Oak Brook Smiles, he helps his patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Dental 101 is everyone's guide to a happy and healthy relationship with your dentist and to your oral well-being. Haque helps his readers to become less apprehensive about going to the dentist, more educated about their dental decisions, more excited about achieving their dental goals, and more driven regarding their oral health. Now, what's better than that? For more information, visit

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