Monday, November 29, 2010

Cataclysm Is Around The Corner - Are Dugi and Zygor Ready For This?

By Raul Acevedo

At the moment Dugi and Zygor have the top World of warcraft leveling guides available in the market, and the rivalry is now bigger due to the fact Cataclysm is about to release (December 7th).

If you have been playing Wow, then you definitely already know that Cataclysm is going to change everything on Azeroth, and the leveling path is going to change drastically.

Therefore it is essential to possess a leveling guide updated frequently. These two guides have a great reputation for achieving this; here I will show you the things both of these guides provide:

- They both contain an in-game addon for quick quest monitoring and orientation. This add-on complies with Blizzard's policies.

- They possess a community forum which is continuously updated, as well as the guides do with each and every game patch.

- The two will have a Cataclysm update.

At this point, the primary product is nearly the same, with this I am talking about the actual leveling guide.

The real difference could be in the time they achieve the leveling through 1 - 80, which is not really a big gap (the time variation is just a couple hours).

The differences are more noticeable if we go to the bonus products and the Cataclysm expansion update. You'll be able to see this:

Zygor Guides Bonuses:

- In-Game Dual Spec Talent Build Guides

- Nether Drake Mount Guide

- Death Knight Class Guide

- Inscription Profession Leveling Guide

- Auctioneer Appraiser Guide

- Food and drink Stats Guide

Dugi's Guides Bonuses:

- In-Game WoW Leveling Talent Guide

- Gold Farming & Auction House Guide

- 1-450 World of warcraft Profession Guide

- Over 20 Dailies Instructional Videos

- 9 Seasonal Wow Event Guides

Cataclysm expansion Update**: The two guides have integrated a free of charge Cataclysm expansion update. ** You need to truly understand that the Cataclysm Update isn't an upgrade.

It would appear that this point is very confusing for some people, actually I was lost at first, however I was exploring a bit more on their respective community forums and now I will clarify this very simple.

If you purchase today Zygor or Dugi Wow leveling guide, you will receive the 1 to 80 Cataclysm expansion update completely free, but it doesn't imply you'll get the 80 to 85 leveling guide upgrade.

If you want to receive the 80 to 85 upgrade you will need to pay out an extra fee, this Cataclysm expansion update and upgrade meaning are for the two guides.

They currently have a pre-order webpage if you wish to start leveling once cataclysm releases.

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