Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting A Top Quality Butcher And Keeping A Good Relationship With Him Is Fundamental

By Paul Rawnsley

Anyone who loves a bbq ought to have a good relationship with their butcher. Whether that be an independent with his own shop in the village high street or hidden away somewhere on a side street, or at the local superstore, one should get to know and have faith in him.

Very often you can get great words of advice about how best, how long or which marinades to use to cook a piece of meat. He can also suggest as to what cut of meat could be best or have an alternative if he has something special in stock.

Even if one has the very best Weber gas grills or Weber bbq in the world, getting the very best fresh meats can make a massive difference. And from the point of view of the chef, it should be easier to cook correctly and earn better praise. For it is well known that the woman of the house will make the salads, blend the marinades, lay the table, organise the sauces, get the plates scrubbed and ready, peel and cook the vegetables. And the man of the house will put the meat on the bbq, poke it about it a bit and will wallow in the adoration of those fed.

As well as sourcing fresh chops, steaks and sausages (always get the home made if using an independent butcher), one should purchase the best fresh mince and use it to construct your own burgers. In Australia you can't find ready made burgers since it's a basis of pride for an Aussie to make his own. And they are so straightforward to do - put some bread in a blender and render them down to crumbs and blend with the meat along with an egg, some olive oil, finely chopped mushrooms plus whatever choices of herbs, seasonings and spices are required. That's a simple recipe of course, following that one gets used to it, it's a case of trying new things. Mixing together combinations of minces is fun as is adding or taking out other things. And so goes the journey for the perfect burger.

Part of the enjoyment of cooking on a bbq, whether it is on a charcoal burner or something like Weber gas grills, the fat or oils spilling onto the burners will cause a very pleasing burst of flame as it ignites. These flashes are useful in their own right as they will seal the surface of the meat and keep in the juices that give the flavour to the inside of the meat which is why the charcoal and grills must be as hot as possible, while the marinades and sauces add to the taste of the outside.

We are very privileged here in that we have a champion butcher in one of the villages and their expertise is unrivalled as are their sausages. And their ribs. Ooh, and the pork chops. Put any of those on a Weber bbq and serve them up to your friendsmates and they will love you forever.

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