Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Advantages Of Having Office Water Coolers

By Christopher Lee

To ensure safe drinking water, a lot of offices have made the choice to have office water coolers installed for their employees use. The water that is found in these coolers has been filtered to ensure its cleanliness making it safe to drink.

With clean water readily accessible, many offices have reported an increase in productivity. There have been people that have said they feel that bottled water tastes better then the water coming out of the tap. These people enjoy having clean, cold water accessible instead of tap water.

In order to select the best water coolers, companies are required to consider various factors and one among all is the kind of water cooler to buy. There are two options: one is a standalone water cooler and the other one is connected to the main water supply. Therefore, a company needs to select, which of the two options are most suitable to install. The former one needs bottled water, which is usually present in the form of five-gallon bottles and need to be changed when emptied. However, the latter one, which is connected to the main water supply does not require to be changed.

Both the water coolers i.e., the standalone and the in-built type must be able to filter and remove byproducts and harmful chemicals in the water including solvents, lead, chlorinated byproducts, synthetic chemicals, sediment, and chlorine. Moreover, the filter must also allow necessary minerals to pass through the water so that employees receive all such healthy minerals through the drinking water.

Companies should consider getting water coolers that require minimal maintenance or coolers that are simple to maintain and clean. The filters are basically the first component of the cooler that one needs to clean after a few weeks or months of constant use. The dispenser should be cleaned regularly in order to eliminate the possibility of waterborne diseases entering the drinking water.

The size of the office water coolers is another critical factor that companies should evaluate. Desktop or counter top coolers are great if the unit is going to be sitting on top of the counter in the pantry. Water coolers of a standard size are appropriate if the unit is going to put into one corner for the sake of saving space.

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