Friday, December 17, 2010

Cubic Zirconia - The Faux Diamond

By Kerker Jao

Even though they won't admit it, every fashionable woman out there wants jewelry with diamonds, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Due to the high price of precious metals like gold and the really high price of a diamond, it is no longer easy to purchase a diamond engagement ring. With the gold and the platinum, you'll have to pay full price as there can be no negotiation there but as for the diamond, there's a low-cost alternative out there that can be just as good looking as the real thing.

I'm talking about the cubic zirconia which is a synthetic gem that resembles a diamond in a lot of ways. The number one reason why cubic zirconia has become popular is its price. The cost of the CZ is only about a tenth of it's more expensive counterparts.

The visual appearance of the CZ is so similar to the diamond that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye. The clarity of the CZ is much alike that of perfect flawless diamonds because it has practically zero inclusions. As for the color, if the maker of the CZ is inclined to, he can make the CZ entirely colorless giving it a perfect "D" on the color grading scale of diamonds.

This is one setting where a thing's perfection is actually working against it. Most people will get that feeling doubt when it comes to the authenticity of the gem you're wearing if it's "too perfect" because real perfect diamonds are extremely expensive and rare. Too much cubic zirconia gemstones in your jewelry will simply make you look tacky and cheap.

Another factor that separates the CZ from real diamonds is that the synthetic gem has less sparkle than the real one. While it is really hard to quantify this sparkle factor, it's there and it adds to the feeling that you're not looking at the real thing. It also has a little bit more brilliance than the real thing which also lends to the feeling that you're looking at something artificial.

The best way to wear this synthetic gem is to not really go over the top when it comes to size. Many couples use this in a way simply as a representation of the real thing. Promising to each other that if ever they can afford it in the future, they will get the CZ replaced with the real thing.

Cubic zirconia can be used to symbolize love and affection much like the real diamond. As long as it is used with class then there's nothing really that stops you from wearing these. As long as it appears that you are living within your means and you don't look cheap while doing so then by all means, go for it.

Since this gemstone is created in a lab, it isn't really rare and unlike the real thing, time doesn't increase its value. My advice is really simple, if you really want to show off jewelry with sparkly gems then don't blow everything on cheap baubles. Save your money so you can get a real piece in the future. That feeling of satisfaction that you get from knowing that you're wearing a genuine diamond is always a lot better than the praises you'll be getting from wearing an imitation.

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