Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rechargeable Stun Guns Are Effective Yet Convenient Personal Defense Weapons

By Jule D Thacks

My house mates and I went out for dinner and ran right into a group of guys on our way home. One of us identified them as our brand new tenants of an apartment inside the same building as ours. They were being quite refreshing and pushing us to go along with them. Once we refused, they got mad. As we walked away, 1 even called out that he knew exactly where to discover us.

All of us hated the feeling that we were defenseless against these bullies. I suggested that we get individual defense weapons and another one recommended to make them these rechargeable stun guns. These don't need replacement batteries and would be handy for working ladies like ourselves.

I went ahead and bought the Hottie Stun Gun along with a heavy-duty pink holster. It wields one million volts of stun power for impairing an attacker. I particularly chose from small stun guns that would be helpful to hide inside a purse. It's outfitted with a 6 light LED flashlight, useful in thwarting harm in a dark location.

The Streetwise Mini Stun Baton was Mary's option among rechargeable stun guns. It emits one million volts, enough to deter an attacker, yet it arrives with a security switch to stop unwanted discharge. This 10 inch long baton fits well in her bag similar to tiny stun guns would. When she purchased it, she was provided a holster as well as a lifetime guarantee.

Gina bought the 3 in 1 Rechargeable Stun with Flashlight. It is driven with 600,000 volts and a 130 dB alarm to aid call other people's attention that she is in danger and needs assistance.

A halogen flashlight, a slide switch and a security switch are all built to the unit. It measures only 15 inches long and is a breeze for her to take along anywhere. She was provided with a 1 yr guarantee for her buy.

Camille chose the Stun Master Multi-Function Rechargeable Stun Gun. With the 2.7 million volts that it emits, any attacker could be neutralized very quickly. Like our choices of rechargeable stun guns, it's outfitted having a super vibrant LED flashlight along with red flashing emergency lights. She can make use of its 110 dB alarm to call for support.

In case the stun gun is taken away from her, she can simply grab the disable pin attached to its wrist strap. Doing so would stop the stun gun from operating, so the opponent would not have the ability to use her weapon in opposition to her.

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