Monday, December 27, 2010

The Spitfire Pepper Spray Is The Most Dependable Of All Defense Sprays For Me

By Chriss F Winlkerr

After the restaurant where I waited tables closed down, I decided to locate a job within the same region, where I was long acquainted with the crowd and also the traffic. Nevertheless, once I began serving at a bar on a night shift, the city that I thought I knew turned against me.

I'd been robbed and harassed at knife point. The assailant pinned me into a corner, facing a building, and held the sharp object towards my throat. I struggled to retrieve a pepper spray from my purse and aim it at him. I had been so lucky to survive the attack alive although badly cut and bruised.

While I recuperated back home, I invested time to seek out more effective protection sprays on the internet. This is how I stumbled into the Spitfire Pepper Spray. It is uniquely designed to be dispensed from my hip or straight to the skin and eyes of the assaulter who is standing behind me.

The Spitfire Pepper Spray is easy to aim properly at an aggressor who grabs me from behind. I merely have to slide just one button all the way forward and then push it down. With a bit of training, I discovered how to complete this in a swift move utilizing simply 1 thumb.

Every canister can shoot out eight blasts of atomized pepper particles in cone form. This is formulated to hit the target's face effortlessly and take effect instantly. Even from eight feet away, the assailant will be stopped by a law enforcement model-strength pepper substance that is one of the hottest on the market.

Another point for the product is the fact that the Spitfire Pepper Spray is outfitted with a snap-free keychain ring that provides the fastest release from your key ring yet could be snapped back effortlessly into place for convenient carrying on you. Additionally, it sports a childproof internal automated security lock.

It is virtually an amazing bonus that I can easily verify when the canister is clear by merely dropping it directly into water at room temperature. If it floats up to the surface, then it is ready to get a replacement unit. I've found canister refills and practice canisters to be simple to purchase and affordable online.

I understand now that several attacks place the would-be victim too close to the opponent as well as in awkward positions making it so difficult to defend oneself. Not all protection sprays take this into consideration in the method that they are built. The Spitfire Pepper Spray is the best solution that I have discovered.

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