Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Cedar Storage Chest Offers Beauty, Elegance, And Durability

By Baxter Wells

The craft of furniture making utilizes a variety of woods. One wood in particular stands out as a furniture maker's favorite. Cedar is an ideal wood for furniture making due to its handsome qualities. A family will appreciate and value a cedar storage chest so much that it will be handed down among them for generations.

The Himalayan region of East Asia is the home of cedar trees. Nowadays cedar trees can be found in the Mediterranean region and also Lebanon and Turkey. They can also be found extensively in North America.

A coniferous tree, this type of tree will bear cones and protect itself with spiky sharp leaves that resemble needles. This tree will not shed its leaves in the wintertime, but rather stay green and lush all year long.

Along with its distinct appearance, they offer a unique smell. Many people liken this smell to pine trees. Cedar trees also feature an attractive grain style and an equally beautiful color, making cedars a favorite of furniture makers.

A shopper does not have to spend a great deal of money to own such a chest. Most chests only cost a few hundred dollars, although more expensive models are certainly available. Higher end models can sell for as much as one thousand dollars. Regardless of price, cedar furniture is both organic and strong, although pieces made of cedar are light enough to be moved throughout a person's home. Newlyweds especially like cedar chests for their attractiveness and for their strength. A young married woman can be assured that her items in the chest will be protected. The chest itself will be something she can give to her children to treasure and use.

A cedar storage chest provides its owner with years of use and beauty. These wooden pieces of furniture display the wood's color and beauty. They are popular heirlooms in many families.

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