Monday, December 27, 2010

Protect Myself Walking--Easy To Use Self Defense Tools

By Dutch A Strohecker

My pesticide-free vegetable garden is the first thing neighbors remember about me because I vend my produce at the farmers' market on weekends. On week days, I take requests.

I meander along and offer my tray contents door to door. People I know tend to be a sweet potato short of a good meal or desperate for better broccoli. Call it my fitness regime. Besides, I protect myself walking by bringing self defense devices with me.

I wear a pair of sunglasses that is really a covert camera for recording each time I pop in on a house by surprise. And believe it or not, my bag holds a book with a hole cut out in the center for hiding cash, called a book diversion safe.

I would encounter an unfriendly dog and use a canine repellent spray, or when I happen to run out of one, any other pepper spray. I protect myself walking in the evenings by having a safety light or personal alarm with flashlight.

Mistaking a robber for a hobo turned into the worst threat I have encountered as yet. I could have sworn I overheard him asking for alms so I came to give all my romaine's away.

I could not have been more thankful I protect myself walking using self defense devices. He extracted a knife, insisting upon my valuables, but I countered with a cell phone stun gun. I shot him on the upper arm.

The knife fell down on the ground and I saw that my stunning tool had incapacitated the aggressor. I am glad I do not lug too much weight around or I never would have escaped while he tried to regain his bearings.

I am not surprised that others ask how I protect myself walking, but I get dumbfounded when they ask about my walking. It is just one more reason I find promoting greens to be timely and called for.

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