Monday, December 13, 2010

The Best Dressed Men on Earth

By Shannon Holland

The best dressed male celebrities are those who truly make the best use of their stylist. They work hard to create their own unique style that is not too outrageous or adventurous and still has the capacity to be beautifully simplistic. Christian Bale, an American actor, who is famous for his roles in the Batman films, due to his consistent attire of sharp, striking suits to movie premieres.

Lupe Fiasco, a US rapper known for his style of attire has created his own twist on the layered look, which is popular with most fashionistas as an autumn fashion. He has his own tailored jacket and then put them together with layers and checks. On another note, British TV presenter Jeremy Paxman is also known to have a very confident dress sense that allows him to stay his ground and be authoritative when in the company of the rich and famous.

The singer of the US group Outkast, Andre Benjamin, is a well dressed man as he is different in his approach taken to constantly reignite his wardrobe. This sense of style comes from his musical influences and from being an entertainer. Ryan Gosling, the actor who made 'The Notebook', the perfect chick flick, can carry off underdressed look which not very common for most men. The clothes he wears are simple, tailored to fit only him and he looks good without making all the effort.

L.A. Reid, the Island Def Jam boss, is considered to be a well dressed due to his effective portrayal of the power suits. His secret is that he has been getting his suits tailored for him since he was a teen by his mother who was a seamstress. There was often a lot of fabric around the house which gave him the opportunity to experiment and create the perfect authoritative suit. Lapo Elkann, the heir of Fiat, is best known for his style sense which is often strange in itself but these kinds of clothes suit him as he demonstrates how even he can work the oddest styles.

David Beckham, famous for being one of the best known footballers worldwide, is not only fashionable for the way he dresses but for the way he carries himself when in his attire. He is one of the only footballers who have perfected his own look with the help of a good haircut and stubble teamed up with attitude and effortless swagger. LeBron James, the US basketball star also has a sense of style that he can demonstrate off court at events. Instead of just wearing more oversized clothes like he does when participating in games, he has the ability to show what a good fit is when off court.

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