Sunday, December 26, 2010

From The Road To The Rugged, Comparing The Diamondback Response Mountain Bike To Road Bikes

By Bill Lawson

Bike riding is an awesomely great way to get in shape, it is also a wonderful way to experience nature and get out of the house. There are a few things to consider before you get started. First, decide where you are going to be riding. If you're more interested in speed, you may want to think about purchasing a road bike. If you're more inclined to the dusty, grittier side of biking, you might want to pick a mountain bike, such as the diamondback response.

Are you going to ride mostly on even steady ground? If so, a road bike will work nicely. If you'd rather bounce around some trails, a mountain bike is the practical choice.

Riding on contrasting landscapes is not easily achievable if you try to master it on a road bike. Using an off-road bicycle with a strong suspension is advisable in those areas. They are made to ride in a variety of situations.

Many years ago you were most likely to find mountain bikes made of heavy material. Today they are much lighter, and many are about as equal in weight to road bikes. Tires from both types of bikes are many times compatible, making switching from skinny tires used on smooth pavement, to the thicker tires used on trails fairly simple to do.

There are different types of suspensions for a trail bike. Hard-tail (only front suspension) bikes, take a lot less effort to pedal. They're usually cheaper, easier to care for and springing over dirt piles is a lot simpler. Bikes with front and rear suspension tend to cost more and are better for fierce and heavy riding over really tedious terrain.

If you decide to go with a mountain bike, the diamondback response has a generally favorable rating among consumers. Many reviews note the affordable cost (compared with other similar bikes). It also comes in three different sizes, extra small (14 inch frame) small (16 inch frame) and extra large (22 inch frame). All in all it is a great bike for beginners and intermediate fun seekers, and the best part is, the health benefits are completely free!

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