Monday, December 13, 2010

Sports Fishing In Costa Rica

By Adam Evans

Tourists, while in a stay on Costa Rica, can definitely find lots of places to enjoy sports fishing. A few of the extremely famous spots of sports fishing are Barra del Colorado, Playas del Coco, Drake Bay, Lake Arenal, Nicoya Peninsula, Parisimina, Ocotal , Flamingo and Quepos.

With regards to sports, an entrepreneur and the "Co Owner of Ventana Del Pacifico" namely Ed R. Mercer, had come to Costa Rica where his wife was participating in a sports event. The prestigious event was called the Iron Man competition. Nevertheless, in next to no time, Ed fell in love with the majestic splendor of the country and decided to make it his home, venturing into the land development business and eventually forming his own eco-friendly real estate company.

As a matter of fact, many buyers are interested to purchase the real estate investment properties in Costa Rica because of its pristine landscape of lush greens, beaches, and mountain views. In addition, Ed Mercer's company provides the buyers unlimited options of his properties. The interested buyers are taken by Ed's company on full tour of their property where the construction work continues. The company also offers to make the dream home of every investor a reality. With this, Ed has taken care to establish a world class team of engineers, architects and designers who help and aids the buyer to custom build their respective homes. The team takes care that the main integral feature of the individual property is displayed to their full advantage and substantiates the beach/mountain view to the maximum as well.

Ed Mercer saw that the scarlet macaws were being hunted for their beautiful plumage, white faced monkeys for their use as pets and sea turtles for eggs used as aphrodisiacs. Ed R. Mercer took care to deploy the security guards round the clock. Simultaneously, Ed R. Mercer planted thousands of almond trees that served as a natural source of food to the scarlet macaws that slowly increased in number.

On the other hand, 4 of the best sports fish camps in Costa Rica are located on The Barra Del Corado River, also called the game fishing. The accommodations for the fishing folk generally are Silver King Lodge, Isla de Pasca, Casa Mar and Rio Colorado Lodge. Three lodges are well maintained, simple, comfortable and perfect after a day in sun fishing tarpon. Absolutely the fish are so many and common in Berra Del Colorado that it is not unusual to catch a fish or two relatively easily. Along with this, the tourists may also catch the oldest fish on the earth namely "Gar". Most hotels arrange wishing tours and trips in Playas Del Coco. Nature and fishing charters aboard a 13 meter motor yacht are also offered by Front era Tours.

Moreover, a major sport fishing center is found on Flamingo Marina. The local people fish with simple hand lines made from rafts or balsa logs in Lake Arenal, where anglers abound and create a challenging fishing atmosphere. The lake, which is 1800 feet above sea level, comprises the fiercest among the fresh water fish called Guapote; also the Machacha famous for voracious temperament; giant fish such as the black marlin; 100 kilo salt fish, and giant tuna. These fishes including the tasty Mojarra which is difficult to hook, basically swims within an easy reach of anglers off the coast of Nicoya. In conclusion, tourists, while in a stay on Costa Rica, can definitely find lots of places to enjoy sports fishing.

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