Friday, December 24, 2010

Religion and Hype and Voluntary Blindness

By Jamie Brown

Fear and religion are forever blended. Fear of hell, fear of eternal separation from God, fear of loved ones burning in the flames of the Devil's domain. Since before the Spanish Inquisition man has used religion to gain control of minds, hearts and the emotionally weak.

You're told from the time you're a child that 'you're not good enough, you can do it on your own, baptize in the blood of ...." Aside from war, turmoil, hate, greed, power grabs and other obsessive abuses, what has religion actually done for man? The Salem witch trials was the beginning of America's obsession with white, black, good, evil and a supernatural realm assumption that could be argued either way.

"In the hands of an Angry God" began the Bible thumping fear mongers who would capitalize off of those less fortunate in the head and in the pocket book. If God is telling you to pay the piper, you'll do it. If a man who resembles God to the uninformed tells you that gifts, jeweled crowns and eternal sanctity and bliss awaits you for putting half of your $300 salary in the offering plate, you'll do it.

Many are addicted to the idea of religion because they have an addictive personality that gravitates to emotion altering concepts and substances. I once knew a girl that was a drug addict then found Jesus and converted to Christianity, then 'fell back into sin'. A year later she discovered Judaism and began a conversion but wasn't accepted by those at her temple as a "Real Jew" since being Jewish is a matter of conversion and not a race or ethnicity, I'm not exactly sure what that means but her next addiction was alcoholism.

After a 4 year fight over the addiction she realized she was 1/20th native American, dyed her hair black, took up the cause of land sovereignty, got tattoos with horses and other 'Indian' themes. After about two years and a little more research she discovered that she had no 'Indian' heritage, took a job as a bartender, slept around, discovered yoga and is now a hippy massage therapist offering a free hour with every paid hour.

Those with a void in their hearts will seek out everything and anything to fill it. Identity crisis', money and of course religion. Jesus and Buddha taught against religion. It's strange to see people falling for the biggest opiates and mass mind control.

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