Thursday, December 23, 2010

Protection for my College Student

By Chass A Hamptn

Our oldest son was enrolling in college at last was momentous for my wife and myself. I never had the same opportunity and my wife had hers interrupted. We put ourselves out in unstable careers to get to this point.

I can not begin to explain how nerve-wracking it was that my youngster was leaving home. Every parent is afraid his children might encounter perils while on their own. I could not stop thinking about assuring protection for my college student.

I was so keyed up so I began browsing web sites regarding personal defense devices. I found out all I can about the reliability of stun guns and pepper sprays as protection for my college student.

Once I was sure they could safeguard him by disabling assaulters, I obtained a ring-type pepper spray and cell phone stun gun. For its ability to alert others of danger, I further bought a personal travel alarm with flashing lights.

My wife got on board and added a door alarm and canine repellent spray to his personal defense devices. It would give protection for my college student against dormitory theft and rabid dogs, respectively.

Whether it was foresight or foreshadowing on my part, the time came that our boy had to resort to personal defense devices. Some upperclassmen ganged up on him on the campus bicycle trail one night. They stopped his bike with their car.

He acted quickly and fired his stun gun. Ceaseless summer posts toughened my lanky kid up in high school. He disbursed pepper spray onto the unit pair's faces while they were distracted by their stunned friend.

My desire to guarantee protection for my college student proved fruitful. He turned his personal alarm on as he pedaled away to safety. The perpetrators have not bothered him since, and if others did, I feel more secure that he would not be defenseless.

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