Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shop Your Way To A Happier Holiday

By Reese Morss

When it comes to ultimate holiday joy, nothing beats the feeling of giving the perfect gift. But finding that ideal gift can be a stressful situation! Even more so if your desired product is sold out.

The first step to giving a gift that will be adored is finding one that's really unique. The gift can be practical, functional, valuable or just for fun, but it should always show that it was chosen just for the recipient. By shopping early and hitting the mall with a list in hand, you can easily score the perfect present. If you choose to be a little more spontaneous and hit the hustle and bustle head-on, you could find the task is a little more challenging.

If you wait until the last minute to decide what to buy, you may have a hard time finding that great gift. Use these tips to make the job a little more merry:

List Your Loved Ones

Categorizing your list in order of casual friends, coworkers, and closest loved ones can help you narrow down what particular gifts to give them. You'll be able to determine a general idea of what you need to buy, and narrow your list down to specific groups of people.

Careful planning does pay off, particularly to those nearest and dearest to your heart. A list helps you to consider their wants, needs and personal interests.

Make it Personal

Coworkers and casual friends are happy to receive simple yet personal gifts. Boxes of candy, bags of home made goodies, personalized mugs or gift cards to their favorite stores are always appreciated.

When shopping for your loved ones, think of gifts that will make their hearts glow. Has mom always wanted a personalized necklace? Would your best friend love that newest tech gadget? Why not treat your sister to a spa day?

Great Gifts are a Click Away

Instead of battling crowds at the mall, consider shopping online. You can browse for unique and thoughtful gifts from around the world, and easily compare features and prices from store to store. There is no easier or more convenient way to find the right gift to fit your budget, in the comfort of your own home.

One of the best features of shopping online is that many websites offer a showcase of new items, so you can stay on top of the latest trends. Keep in mind that tech savvy gadgets, toys and computers often fall into the "must have" category and can be hard to purchase online. The Nintendo Wii sold out in minutes on Even toys, like Zhu Zhu pets, have quickly become "out of stock". So, if you are in the market for a hot or newly released item, such as a Bluetooth device to keep your loved one safer on the road, you'd better know where to look and be quick to buy.

Holiday shopping doesn't have to involve a stressful last-minute excursion to the mall. Smart planning and online shopping savvy can make the season a lot merrier for you, too. Whatever type of gift you give, the thought behind your choice will reflect the true spirit of the season.

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