Friday, December 17, 2010

The ZapCane Stun Cane With Flashlight Provides Dependable Self Defense For Seniors

By Jozef D Laurn

I could not believe these adult males laughing in the expense of an aged guy who was walking slowly and gradually in the direction of the drugstore. When he paid them no thoughts, it only annoyed the bullies. One was so bold as to start mocking him loudly, but the situation was reversed once he eventually moved nearer the senior.

Just before I knew it, I saw the rowdy toppling over, his body jerking uncontrollably. When his companions chose to come to his rescue, the outdated guy warded them off together with his cane, which seemed to be sparking. Instead of fighting back, the unruly group ran away, carrying their injured friend with them.

I approached the aged man to determine if he was alright. Up close, I noticed that electrical sparks were in fact emanating from his cane. He instructed me that it was a Zapcane Stun Cane with Flashlight and he makes use of it for self defense in circumstances like this.

The ZapCane Stun Cane with Flashlight was a gift from his daughter even though that was the 1st time that he ever had to use it. She acquired it for him after she learned that a bunch of wayward guys, no distinct than these ones, had been harassing his father in his apartment building.

I imagined that I ought to give one each to my parents as well so I went on the web to read up some a lot more. I discovered that the ZapCane Stun Cane with Flashlight releases 1 million volts of electrical shock. This explained how the thug was knocked down instantly. It will certainly be a great self protection device for senior citizens.

This stun cane employs conventional neuro-muscular disruption technologies to stop an aggressor by interfering using the mind messages heading to the muscle tissues. Anyone who is hit with it could lose muscle control and be briefly disabled as being a outcome. It delivers a powerful shock but is viewed as a non-lethal weapon due to its use of very low amperage.

The length with the ZapCane Stun Cane with Flashlight could be adjusted from 32 to 36 inches, which should be sufficient distance to remain safe from an assailant. He would fail to seize the cane from its consumer simply because he will likely be electrically shocked if he tries.

This individual safety instrument can carry a load of as much as 250 lbs., being constructed from high-grade aircraft aluminum. Situated on the handle of your stun cane is a switch for an ultra-bright LED flashlight. This allows the consumer to make use of it swiftly in case he runs into peril at nighttime.

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