Friday, December 10, 2010

Open Faced Motorcycle Helmet Importance

By Greg Pierce

"Do you fancy those extreme sports like off-road car racing, dirt bike racing, and the worst motocross racing? Does it really trigger your adrenaline? Whatever your reason for being a fan of one of that extreme sports is for you to enjoy, however if you fancy that motocross racing, have you ever tried riding a bike? How does it feel?

When you are riding on your dirt bike, do you take extra precaution, like using safety gears for your protection? Do you wear helmets? What kind of helmet were you able to use the open-faced helmets or the full faced helmet? Do you know when it is applicable to use each kind of helmet?

For those who do not know here is some information for you to ponder. Helmets are not just helmets; they are made for some purpose though the common denominator there is to give protection to its user. That is why there are classifications of helmet, those helmets used for sports, and the helmets used for a daily transportation.

Full faced helmets are designed for extreme sports or just any other motorbike racing. It is not advisable to use it in the city. Because aside from the fact that is too bulky and it covers he face of the rider which would inhibit the other riders to see his face thus could not make any facial gestures which only riders understand.

Open-faced helmets are more common and most widely used in the city; this is advisable to be used in the daily riding activities especially when the route is within the city where streets are congested with heavy traffic. A rider's face would be very visible to other motorists those using traffic language added with the facial expression of a fellow motorists heavy traffic as well as accident could be avoided when he is using an open-faced helmet.

Therefore, if you are a responsible rider you must know the law and traffic rules in order to avoid penalty and accident. You must rather know what kind of gear you will wear and in what condition will you be wearing such kind of gear. Remember that you have to wear the kind of gear that will suit the situation and the place where you are.

As a motorbike rider, you must know where you will use your different helmets. Always remember that open-faced helmets are for your daily transportation purposes."

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