Saturday, December 25, 2010

What To Think About When Taking Up Carp Fishing

By Michael Mensen

Taking up Carp fishing brings up some issues and tips that may be slightly different than the standard fishing tip that are specific to the breed. Additionally there are health concerns and particular baiting methods when it comes to dealing with Carp.

As they are the most essential let us start with the type of bait, line and hook when looking to catch the fish. This type of fish tends to take long runs and with that in mind a reel bail needs to be left open when fishing. If this is forgotten and the bail is left closed a line can easily be run and a rod can be drawn into the water before you have a chance at the fish.

On that note the best choice of rod for these fish is a six-foot rod. You are going to want to fit that rod with a heavy line and hooks ranging anywhere from size two up to six.

Now that the fish has been caught, it is time to prepare it as it is considered a rare treat in many places around the world. Another challenge arises; the fish has a set of floating bones that can be found running in a lateral line along its body. In order to properly prepare and ultimately eat the fish, these bones need to be broken in small pieces before you are safe to eat them.

There is a special concern to the persons health when deciding to fish for carp. It is due to their fat content, feeding habits and long average life span. With all of these elements in combine they are more likely to accumulate and store contaminates than other fish breeds.

If the delicacy and new challenges are enough of a draw consider taking up Carp fishing just always be aware of the concerns that exist and the special issues specific to Carp.

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