Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are All Moving Companies Honest

By Martha Cohls

There are a lot of moving companies available, but the problem is that some of them are scams. It's important to find a reputable Los Angeles moving company. Get at least three different moving estimates and compare them. It's recommended to read testimonials and do a little research about the company before hiring them. Make sure that the company you're hiring is professional and is licensed. You are looking for a company with a good reputation as well as a good moving price.

Always make sure that the Los Angeles moving company that you go with is licensed & Bonded & Insured. They should be part of the DOT and the PUC. Many people avoid checking whether the moving company they will use has all of theses important qualities. The license lets you know that the Los Angeles moving company is legitimately in business and the bonding lets you know that your items are secure from theft. Bonded movers have to register with local authorities and a background check is takes place. The BBB is also a good place to check before making your selection as any complaints and unresolved issues will be noted.

Experience is something you look for in any company and when handling your own personal items you want to make sure that the moving company has at least 5 plus years of experience. Moving furniture doesn't require a school diploma but it does require a degree of skill. The movers that you select to handle your move should be able to prove their experience. With no testimonials and no website, that should be a clear sign that the company is not on the up and up. Any legit Los Angeles moving company would be proud to advertise their accomplishments.

Everyone and every company is penny pinching in today's economy. That makes it better for the customer to obtain a better moving cost. You should call around to at least three Los Angeles moving companies to compare the different movers quotes that they give you. Going with the lowest moving quote is not always the best way to go because you are concerned how your things will arrive at your new destination. Consider using price as the final decision upon choosing the right moving company for you. You may find one moving company that makes you feel confident that they can do the job efficiently and effectively but they cost more. Paying a little more for the right Los Angeles moving Company with at least leave you with that peace of mind.

Words come cheap so determining what you expect from the moving company you choose will help in deciding which one is the best fit. Just a reminder, moving price is important but not at the expense of experience and peace of mind. You are not there to make friends out of every LA movers. Be professional. Get everything in writing and a copy of a contract that you sign. This way you can take them to the court of law, if things don't go as expected.

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