Thursday, December 30, 2010

Table Saw Basics--What You Must Know Before You Decide!

By Lee Cole

Table Saw reviews are certainly great. But, if you don't know the basic features of a table saw you're still going to be in the dark. In the following paragraphs, we're going to talk about table saws from a standard level. We'll start with the parts, then discuss safety and as well optional items you might want to get. When you're done with this article, you has to be much more capable of understanding reviews, as well as of understanding what to look out for in a basic table saw.

Your saw is without doubt just about the most versatile machine in a woodworker's shop. Ideally, it ought to be the first machine tool you purchase. If you're not into fine cabinetry, a portable table saw is indispensable for a good number of types of jobs. So, again, a table saw might be your first purchase, even though you don't make cabinetry, but do onsite woodworking.

Table Saw Features:

Table saws can do all types of cutting. They are able to crosscut (cut against the grain), plus rip, (which means cutting with the grain). You will probably use different blades for each of these, but the main idea is the same. A good table saw can also square, miter, groove, shape, and join bits of wood. Using a quality saw can make almost any woodworking project much, much easier.

Table saws are just that, a table with a saw sticking up out of the middle of it. The work surface is made of heavy duty metal. You can raise and lower the blade. Additionally you can angle the blade. Most of your better saws have some sort of set up for dust collection. One thing you need to keep in mind is the size of the saw's motor. It must be strong enough to cut hardwoods with little to no vibration of the wood and the saw.

Rip Fence:

One of probably the most important parts of a table saw is the rip fence. The fence is the section of the saw you slide the wood again, when sawing. Your fence should be absolutely parallel to the blade. Otherwise you will not get good, accurate cuts.

Safety Equipment:

Table saws can be really dangerous items of machinery, when used wrong. The blade is rotating at thousands of rpm's. It can easily catch your skin or clothing. The actual result, here, would be very dangerous to you. Any table saw you buy will need to have a blade guard. This fits on the top of the blade, so that it's not exposed. Also, you can turn off most table saws with your knee. This is to protect you in cases where both of your hands are occupied holding a piece of wood on the table.

There are all sorts of great highlights of table saws. When you buy a saw, make sure you can purchase these as after-market items, if you don't get them up front.

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