Monday, December 20, 2010

Quilling Cards - Learn How to Make Amazing & Professional Cards That Folk Will Love!

By Eric James

Quilling cards can be a fun and affordable method to make unique handmade greetings for almost any special day. In fact, quilled greeting cards are so pretty that you may possibly find one of your designs displayed as framed artwork the very next time you visit a friend or family member's home.

Techniques for Quilling

When quilling cards, it's advisable to keep in mind some fundamental crafting tips:

Use caution when applying glue in your design. You must use only a small amount glue as possible in order to avoid the chance of having glue drops end up in the detailed instances of your design.

Avoid the use of construction paper in making your own quilling strips. You'll save money, however the paper is a lot more difficult to use.

Beginners will have better luck using the center of the quilling tool to make their rolls. This makes the look of the end design much easier to control.

If your design ought to be symmetrical, it's generally easiest to begin with at the center and work your way out.

If you're going to produce a large amount of projects which entail quilled flowers, consider purchasing a quilling designer board. It is then quicker to create flower petals which are exactly the same size.

Ideas for Quilling Cards

If you are seeking ideas for quilling cards, below are a few projects to think about:

Produce a quilled monogram for a personalized note card.

Quill a heart for your wedding card.

Design cute quilled animals, just like a baby duck, to get a baby shower invitation.

Create a quilled sunshine accent for the "Get Well Soon" or "Thinking of You" card.

Quill a butterfly and a flower to get a cute springtime greeting.

Develop a quilled ornament or a pendant for any necklace and fasten it to the front of the card by using a small bit of wire for a card that may be both a greeting as well as a small gift.

When you have some experience following simple quilling patterns, feel free to try out different strip lengths and widths to generate your own unique designs.

Sending Quilling Cards through the Mail

Although quilling cards look very delicate, expert quillers say they are actually quite sturdy. You will have no problems mailing most quilled cards; however, you can buy padded envelope to add extra protection should you be worried about an especially intricate design.

And, although it seems obvious, make sure the glue is utterly dry before you stick your quilled greeting card into the envelope. You don't want to create a sticky mess that ruins all of the work!

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