Friday, December 17, 2010

A Visconti Fountain Pen Is The Most Innovative Writing Instrument Available

By Carrie Sommer

When you write with a gorgeous Visconti Fountain pen, you show sophistication and class, especially if you own the latest collection the Golden Man, a very desirable limited edition. These writing instruments continue to be the preferred choice among celebrities, corporate business individuals, and even ministers and doctors.

Innovative nibs on these writing instruments allow smooth flow of ink, and by apply different pressure while you write will result in the thickness of the fonts differing extensively. Fountain pens with different nibs, and color inks have been the preferred tool used to create the beautiful artistic style pf calligraphy writing techniques.

Investigate all the features of these stunning writing tools, and you will agree they are exceptionally desirable to own, or even a perfect gift for someone special. The current limited editions of Visconti, with the latest creation The Golden man are exquisitely crafted to perfection in every fine detail.

While browsing the ranges choose this special edition, or from many others manufactured using superior quality materials ranging from bakelite to ivory, silver gold and acrylic for some examples. When you invest in these beautiful writing products from a reputable supplier, add complementing accessories in extra refills and nibs from a reputable supplier.

This perfect celluloid writing instrument was born in Florence, oozing beautiful Italian craftsmanship in fabulous designs and styles that everyone would love to own. Create any writing styles with the perfect tool, and choose from affordable products up to the finest collector limited editions. You can certainly give this stunning gift to anyone with confidence.

Enjoy writing with pleasure using Visconti fountain pens which ooze elegance and sophistication for the user. Use this stylish instrument to write your own correspondence, sign documents or draft letters in writing styles that show character. Visit the 388 store online to find this fabulous collection and many others of this nature that are desirable to own for anyone.

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